This Is Where A Seed Was Planted

I’m hungry. Not for a sandwich or chocolate creme puff. This is a hunger I’ve never felt before, a hunger for life, for change, risk, wisdom, courage, excitement, FREEDOM.

I’ve always been one to try my hand at something new. Last year it was jewelry making and the ukulele (still working on this one). The year before that, zip lining over treetops in Costamaya and planning my wedding! And the year before that, interviewing the homeless in Baltimore City with a team of amazing student journalists at Towson University.

This is where a seed was planted and my hunger for justice took root.

Half-the-skyNow I find myself reading and researching and meditating and praying and yearning for more hours in the day! I’m consuming my time with some of my favorite blogs by Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey and SheLoves Magazine. With recent books including Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Girls Like Us, and A Year of Biblical Womanhood. With Google + Hangout live streams and documentaries like Sex + Money.

I want to learn and open my mind to the endless possibilities of how God can work within me. I’m not perfect. I know what several of my weaknesses are, and I’m sure God could point out a few more! But I choose to trust God to be my strength.

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