This flame won’t burn out, this love will conquer

BeBoldI feel unsettled by the world around me. I seem to have more questions than I do answers most days.

No more waiting. It’s time to act. To be bold and fearless. To try and fail. And try again. To put myself in those uncomfortable situations so I may learn to adapt better, and learn to breathe through it. To ask tougher questions of myself, my beliefs, God. Above all, to practice love.

This is my challenge. To empower women, to provide a voice for those who are silenced, abused, hungry for a life that may seem out of reach, but trust me sisters, you are beautiful, you are valued, you are loved and you are worth more than your past or current struggles.

Join me on this journey of discovering who we are in God’s eyes. Of raising awareness on issues of sex trafficking, homelessness, abuse. Of empowering women to take action if they want to see progress for women’s rights, be it education, gender roles or equality in the workforce.

We are what we practice. I choose love over hatred. Hope over doubt. Light over darkness. And trust God to be my eternal flame through it all.


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