Sweet Morning Garden Speaks To Me

Today’s my birthday, and I have so much to be thankful for: My wonderful husband Sean, who brought me home a crab cake from G & M‘s and bought me a fab energy-saving, high-tech gift I’m been wanting for new home. My parents for their support and wisdom in raising me. My sister for her love and friendship (and for my future niece that’s about to be born!). My brothers for always making me laugh. My dear friends for their encouragement, kindness, and welcoming arms. And so many others I can’t begin to thank enough, you know who you are!

madigangarden1I knew today was going to be a hot day with temperatures reaching the high 80′s (that’s MD weather for you!), but I couldn’t resist taking a quick walk through my back yard and garden before 8 a.m. I took a few quick photos for you to see for yourself what I found.

As first-time homeowners, my husband and I don’t know the first thing about lawn maintenance or gardening, but whether we’re ready or not, the weeds are multiplying and the garden needs feed! This next year of my life will be facing a new challenge: Gardening.

We stopped by Home Depot yesterday and explained our dilemma to a kind gentleman working the night shift. He made suggestions on what we needed to get started, while also recommending what we could wait to purchase later on. We decided on a spreader, a large bag of weed killer/lawn feed and container of Miracle-Gro plant food.

madigangarden2Looking at our 1/4 acre of land, despite the weeds sprouting up, some bushes brown and dry, branches overgrown, I can’t ignore this lovely mess. The air is sweet, the ground is soft and the beautiful colors of my garden blooms mixed with the small weeds just looks like they’re doing just fine with each other. However, I’m told this won’t last long, and if I want to enjoy my garden to it’s fullest potential, the weeds have to go.

I’m open to any suggestions relating to yard maintenance or gardening, so feel free to share in the comments or find me on Twitter! This next year has so much promise, I can taste it now!

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