Newfound Joy

I’ve never known a joy like this.

Little fingers grip my own and wrap themselves around my heart.

Sleepy smiles bring sisterly giggles, moments to be cherished.

I’ve never known a joy like this.

Even when those ocean eyes shed a tear or two,

An auntie’s loving voice can soothe away the blues.


Auntie M with my favorite niece!

That’s right, I’m an auntie now, and was inspired to write some poetry! What an amazing experience to welcome my niece to our family. I have no doubt she will be loved, cherished, encouraged and supported by her wonderful parents, and one awesome auntie I might add! Each day I am amazed at how much I miss her and wish I could spend more time watching her sleep and dream. She already exhibits so much strength and joy.

This new phase of my life got me thinking and asking so many questions: Will I be the “cool” auntie? What tradition could I start with my  niece? Will she be athletic? Musically gifted? Love baking like her mommy?

The answers to these questions may be discovered some day, but for now, I’m content with just embracing these quiet moments with my niece. This is my promise as her auntie: To teach her to love all creatures, all people. To encourage her to walk, speak and write with confidence and to challenge herself always. To enjoy every adventure together and share the joy with others.

I love you baby bug and can’t wait to see you fly!



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2 thoughts on “Newfound Joy

  1. Brenda Foehrkolb

    Your niece has a special gift in you — and your sister also has a special gift in you — and YOU get the best gift of all — a sweet little one to share your love and life with — enjoy

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